Why Low Code?

“[Low Code Platforms are] application development platforms that enable rapid application delivery with minimal hand-coding, and quick setup and deployment.”

Forrester Research

“Over the next decade, the emergence of no-code application development is expected to disrupt the traditional application services value chain.”

IDC Technology Spotlight

Is Low Code Right for

Build Apps
Build Apps

Empower staff to build quick solutions that solve real business problems.  Get rid of the problem of shadow IT by offering a secure solution that can quickly solve real business problems without resorting to yet another Excel sheet or Access database.

Digital teams are expensive when your development approach involves custom code.  With low code platforms, you can build more rounded teams with people from a diverse range of backgrounds and include the business in what you do.

Low code doesn't have to replace your traditional developers, but lets you focus them on adding the greatest value to your customer and employee engagement.

Small and medium business leaders can take their business to the next level by building applications that meet their specific business requirements.  Rather than relying on pre written software and cloud services that never quite fit the way you do things.

There are always agencies, like ours, which can build the applications for you in a fraction of the time it takes to build in a traditional way.

Two key challenges for startups are managing money and time.

Money - Low code platforms not only let you build applications in a more cost-effective way than traditional development, but can offer innovative payment approaches like "pay as you grow" rather than large up-front payments.

Time - If you're not a developer, learning to code yourself can be time consuming.  With low code you can learn to build rather than learn to code.  Or, use an agency like us who can do it for you in a fraction of the time.

Due to the cost of traditional software development, non-profits are often a step or two behind businesses.  With low code solutions, non-profits are creating brilliant digital experiences that unite their clients, supporters, members, funders, volunteers, and affiliates.

of Low Code Platforms

Each low code platform is slightly different, however there are a number of features that most platforms will have.

Visual Modelling

Build all of the functionality you need from UI/UX to business logic and data models using an intuitive flowchart style environment.

Easy Deployment
Deploy your latest version to production with a single click.  If you discover a problem, rolling back to your previous version is just as easy.

Instantly Mobile

Whether you're building a mobile app or a desktop app, you can build it all in one tool.  Replace the world of app-building with ultra-fast development.

Integrate with Anything
Not only that but you can develop your own back end and expose your data securely. Build a connector between your existing apps quickly and easily, no need for expensive or complex middleware development.

Security and Scalability

Low-code is enterprise-grade, the right platforms have all the necessary security certifications in place, and proven ability to scale for the right business.

Flexible Payment

Different low-code platforms have different approaches to payment. From pay-as-you use "utility" pricing to fixed price or per user approaches.

of Low Code

Better Customer Experience

Better Customer Experience

Low-code development impacts more than the IT organization. The downstream effects of increased speed include a better customer experience. With low-code development, organizations can quickly adapt to market changes or customer needs.

Decreased Costs

Decreased Costs

With the ability to build more apps in less time, costs decrease. But, that’s not the only driver. Low-code development reduces the need for more developers, reducing hiring costs. And, the right low-code platform can make everyone in the organization—not just IT—more productive.

Improved Agility

Improved Agility

In the long run, apps built with low-code platforms help organizations become more agile. Visual design that allows drawing instead of coding can exponentially speed development. Combine less coding with automated testing? That’s how you can build apps faster than ever before.

Higher Productivity

Higher Productivity

Low-code development allows more apps to be built in less time. What used to take months can be reduced to days…even minutes. With low-code development, time is no longer a barrier to real innovation.

Faster Transformation

Faster Transformation

In today’s digital world, a transformation is needed. Low-code development removes complexity from building great, modern business apps. And, reduced complexity means smoother sailing.

With these low-code benefits, organizations are better equipped to quickly adapt and respond to fast-changing business conditions.

Effective Risk Management

Improved Agility

With ever-changing regulations, not to mention the sheer scale of them globally, how can your organization keep up? Low-code development allows for fast change so you can meet requirements and stay ahead of deadlines.

Companies, non-profits and startups across the world are using low-code solutions to power their innovation, speed up their development times and reduce their costs.

So, is it right for ?

We think so, but we know it can be overwhelming. So please feel free to get in touch, and we would be happy to talk you through your options.

Have a chat with us and we will help you.

Don't worry, you won't get high pressure sales from us.  We want to make sure that the platform is right for you, and to make you a success.  We've even told people where Low Code isn't the right option for them, so you've really got very little to lose!