Looking for Rostering and Timesheets?

Try WEM for YOUR Workforce Management Application

WEM is a zero code rapid application development platform which allows anyone to build exactly the Workforce Management and Rostering application their business needs. A great alternative to traditional SaaS solutions like ComOps.

Build the application you need

No code solutions allow anyone to build a custom application, hosted in the cloud.  Instead of changing your processes to fit in with generic software limitations, you can build a rostering application that works for your business.

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Support your diverse workforce

If your team includes a diverse series of workforce types, building your own app is perfect.

  • On staff and contingent workers
  • Different role types including cleaners, security, project and IT staff
  • On site and remote staff members

What others have achieved

Using our intuitive flowchart interface, companies like yours have built applications in weeks instead of months that include the features they need:

  • Reduced wasted time and human error
  • Improved supervisor visibility with reporting and review
  • Ensured accuracy with integration with existing systems (including payroll)
  • Tracking and reporting employee absences

Real World Experiences

Read how a large Real Estate Management company used WEM to build their custom staff management application.


So easy, even you can use it

Build and update applications that support your business processes without developers.  Simply draw an easy to understand flowchart and your application can support your business as it is not how your application makes you do it.

Projects are often completed 10x faster and 80% cheaper than traditional development.

Easy pricing that scales with your company

The WEM cloud-hosted Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS), ready to use within minutes of signing up and no minimum prices and no unwieldy tiers locking you into user numbers you don't use.

We can work with you under a true utility model or build a usage model that works for your business.  You won't get that flexibility from ComOps or other traditional SaaS providers.


Ready to find out more?

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