Let our consultants work with you to not only document your existing processes but to help establish a plan to improve them through a combination of application and people development.  The results of our analysis are owned by your people, and we can help you to set targets for rapid and sustainable improvements.

Zero Code Solutions worked with my team to identify the key areas of opportunity to develop processes and systems that could save my people time and money.

Simon Dowd

Business Process Analysis

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Our consultants work with all levels of your organisation to assist business leaders to quickly determine the improvement potential. They help establish targets, and a plan to deliver them that is owned by your managers. Our analyses are the first step to help capture these improvements in a rapid and sustainable fashion.

Our analysis will help you determine the improvement potential:

  • the ‘dollar size of the prize’;
  • the levers to pull in order to deliver that improvement (what);
  • the order in which these levers should be pulled (prioritisation);
  • the approach to use for each and the resources required in order to deliver them in a particular timeframe.

Most importantly, we ensure that the analyses are always completed with management involvement. Our plan has managers making the final presentation of the diagnostic and presenting targets and a process that they are aligned with and own.