If the results of your application development and process changes are going to be rapid and successful, your workforce needs to be trained in how to deliver and support them.  For this reason, coaching and training are a vital part of all of our projects.

Zero Code Solutions left us with a sustainable methodology and a confident, enthusiastic team that knows what it is doing and how to do it. ZCS is my first choice for consultants when we need to improve our operational automation.

Ling Yeo, Chief Operations Officer

Coaching and Training

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We have extensive coaching and training experience

Coaching and training is in our DNA. Our consultants have assisted numerous clients to deploy applications and process competence throughout their organisation.

Our people work closely with your managers, supervisors and front line personnel to build their skills in the areas that drive operational performance.

Flexible approaches to building competency

There is no one size fits all approach to competency building.

Through formal training and coaching on-the-job, your people build the skills needed to lock in the gains we make with you, and acquire the competence to drive improvement both now, and long after we have left.

  • On the job training: We work one-on-one with your people to identify and resolve the organisation’s critical issues. In doing so, we train them in our approaches and methodologies, building their skills and confidence so that they can in turn pass this on to others throughout the organisation.
  • Classroom training: We use more formal classroom training sessions to broadly disseminate our methodologies and tool kits throughout the organisation as they are needed. Classroom training is available to our clients, both:
    • Onsite, as part of a our engagement; or
    • Offsite, as a tailored standalone training programme.

Customised Tools and Training Materials

We have training tools and materials that allow us to customise formal training programmes that address your organisation’s specific needs.

All our training courses are highly participative, and provide practical, on-the-job exercises so participants can begin applying what is learnt in the classroom, to their role.

The approaches that we take can include a combination of:

  • Role modelling and coaching: The methodologies and toolkits learnt in the classroom environment are then rigorously applied day after day on-the-job by the participants with support from a Business Coach to act as a role model, coach and support as they master the skills so they become second nature.
  • Testing competence by the ability to deliver results: Building competency is more than simply training your staff. Our consultants track and measure your people’s demonstration of competencies on the job, supporting them to “hard-wire” ongoing performance improvement into your organisation’s culture. This can only happen when your people have the right skills and tools, and when their objectives are aligned with your organisation’s strategy.


Our training courses can support your team in a range of areas:

  • Business improvement
  • Application Development and Integration
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Rapid sourcing
  • Contractor management
  • Unleashing potential through people
  • Supervisor training
  • People skills