Become a digital nonprofit with the power of your Business Applications.

We help nonprofit organisations to bridge the gap between their clients, supporters, members, funders, volunteers, and affiliates.

What can we build together?

Nonprofits are creating brilliant digital experiences and drive rapid change with Zero Code Solutions.  Support your constituencies more effectively with a customised business application.  There's an app for whatever you need ...

Mobile Apps

  • Client Self Service App
  • Volunteer Self Service App
  • Volunteer Onboarding App

Portal Apps

  • Donation Management
  • Client Portal
  • Volunteer Portal
  • Onboarding and Enrollment


  • Contract Management
  • Supplier Portal
  • Approval Workflow
  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Expense Reporting


  • Work Order Management
  • Inspections and Compliance
  • Project Tracking
  • Inventory Management
  • Equipment and Asset Management

How does it work?

Custom applications aren't just for companies anymore.  You can take into account the specific needs of your nonprofit, and not try to fit it into a business model.

You can develop applications without learning any programming language.  You're never on your own, we're there every step of the way to help you.

1. Choose Your Application

Identify the application that will make your business better.

If you need help, our consultants can work with you to build your business case and identify the applications that will have the biggest impact on your nonprofit.

2. Develop Your Application

Build the application that works for you and your nonprofit.

Begin with a starter application and modify it to suit your nonprofit.  You can either build it yourself using our easy interface or we can build it for you.

3. Roll Out Your Application

Ensure that your staff use your application and measure the results.

To get the best out of your application, you have to train your staff.  If you want support our team can help you with training, coaching and change management.


We don't believe in one size fits all pricing.  We have the options that will suit your business.

Pay For Use

Only pay for the computing power you use, based on system events and clicks.

Fixed Price

Get price certainty either with a straight up fixed price, or pay per user.

Minimum Spend Plus Capacity

Build a model that suits your budget, with certainty plus the option to expand as your business changes.

There’s no business as serious as helping others, nonprofit organisations are working with Zero Code Solutions to improve their communities and the world. We can offer approved nonprofits deep discounts on a range of products and solutions.

Whatever the needs of your nonprofit, we can find a model that works for you.

Ready to find out more?

Drop us a line today for a no obligation discussion and a demonstration of how we can help you!