Accelerate your Digital Transformation

Everything you need to build and deploy apps incredibly fast.

Introducing our low-code platform which lets your business subject matter experts create cloud-based server-less web and mobile applications in a fraction of the time.


Simple Visual Development

Build all of the functionality you need from UI/UX to business logic and data models using an intuitive flowchart style environment.

Easy Deployment

Deploy your latest version to production with a single click.  If you discover a problem, rolling back to your previous version is just as easy.

Lead with your Subject Matter Expert

Let the people who really know your business take the lead in developing your apps.  No longer wait or pay for developers, anyone can build and iterate your apps.

All Apps One Platform

Whether you're building a mobile app or a desktop app, you can build it all in one tool.  Replace the world of app-building with ultra-fast development.

Connect to your existing apps with:

  • RESTful APIs
  • SOAP Interfaces
  • OData

Not only that but you can develop your own back end and expose your data securely. Build a connector between your existing apps quickly and easily, no need for expensive or complex middleware development.


Build and iterate your applications faster.  With interactive workflows and a UX design interface, your developers can easily update apps based on direct feedback.

  • Automatically update your app when you make a release and gather feedback quickly.
  • Roll back whenever you need and implement changes quickly without waiting for developers.
  • Remove human error with our structured automated application release cycle.
  • Frictionless iteration produces quality outcomes for your customer.
  • Develop customer obsession and centricity through your development process.

No need to be locked into a one-size-fits-all pricing structure. We will work with you to identify the model that works best for your business.

True Utility Model

Our exciting utility model means that you pay only for what you use.  Pay less during your quiet periods and don't pay for users who haven't logged in.

Price Certainty

We can build a pricing model that helps you to be successful, pay a fixed price per user or just a fixed price.  We're there for you whenever you need us.

Your Project, Your Way

We can recommend the best pricing structure for your project, but if you need a custom approach we're happy to build one that meets your needs.

Here's Why It's Awesome

Reduced Development Time

Zero Code application development is up to 10 times faster than traditional development methodologies. You can even start from one of our template applications.

No Shortcuts Required

You don't have to limit your applications because you're using a no developer solution.  WEM applications can be fully-functional, highly interactive web applications.

Build on Existing Systems

You can easily integrate your newly built applications with your existing web services and other back-end systems.

Real Time Development

Teams can directly model business workflows and model applications in real time.  Teams can co-create applications by directly discussing with stakeholders what they want and prototyping on the fly!

Augment Capability

Add this capability which allows your existing teams as well as non-technical staff to build engaging applications for the business.

No Cookie-Cutter Designs

Just because there's no coding and no developers involved doesn't mean your applications look inferior.  Every application uses a master template which can be fully customised to the look and feel you want.

A Recognised Industry Leader


With no-code, engineering and coding are put into the background, while enterprise acumen and the ability to capture automation in the most intimate and timely fashion come to the fore.

Frequently Asked Questions about WEM, our platform of choice

We know you probably have lots of questions so here are some answers.  If you still have more than please contact one of our friendly consultants and they will assist you.

Can I Model my business processes in WEM to digitize them?

Yes. This is what WEM is all about. You can easily create your processes in WEM using the drag-and-drop functionality of our Modeler. These processes are then turned into an application that is fully based on the processes as you defined them. And these processes can be very simple, or really complex: WEM supports it all.

How secure is your solution?

Security is really important to us, we have very solid security measures at all the levels of our product offering: from the platform/infrastructure, to the WEM runtime and even the WEM applications. We run weekly penetration tests on our solutions, while customer have the ability to request penetration tests for their own applications that are built with WEM. We support all important industry security standards like ISO27001, IEC27001 and more: contact us if you need more detailed information.

How is WEM licensed?

WEM has a “pay-per-use” licensing scheme. You pay based on the application usage. We measure the usage by counting the number of events your application generates, and charge you per event. The more events you have, the lower the price per event. An event is generated every time you load a page, use webservice, OData or HTTP, generate an email or PDF document.

What are the license costs?

WEM licensing is based on the usage of the application(s) you have built. The usage is measured by the number of events the application(s) generates. An event is e.g. the creation of an email, using a webservice of loading a page. We provide affordable pricing which caters for small to large enterprise customers. Call us to discuss in detail licensing for your needs.

What's Included in the costs?

WEM offers a full DTAP (Development, Testing, Acceptance and Production) solution. You start modelling your application in the test & development environment. Using the test & development environment is free, so there are no platform costs associated with building your application.

Alternatively we can build the application for you through consulting engagements and we can also train your staff.  Once the application is ready for acceptance testing, we can publish your application to the staging (acceptance) environment. And when you are ready to go live, we publish to the production environment. Publish to staging or production requires a WEM license, and even then you only pay for what you use.

The following list outlines what is included:

  • Application modeler (authoring)
  • DTAP Environments (Develop/Test/Acceptance/Production)
  • Multi datacenter Hosting
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited applications
  • Storage
  • Backup
  • Bandwidth
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Availability guarantees
  • Performance guarantees
  • Security
  • Platform penetration tests
  • NEN7510, ISO27001, IEC27001
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Performance Management
  • Usage statistics and reporting
  • Full flexible/utility pricing
  • Integration
  • Single Sign-on and Oauth authentication
Where is my data stored?

Data is stored in your own local region or as specified by you. Data belonging to Australia customers is stored in Australia, while data from e.g. Singapore is stored in Singapore.
WEM uses Tier 1 local cloud services providers for every region in which we are active, to make sure your data is stored locally.

Can I create my own application?

Yes, you can. The power of WEM is modeling your own application. You know best how your processes work and how they should be digitized. Using our online tutorial combined with the online documentation will get you started and if needed there are additional training courses. This way you can model your own application.

Can you build an application with multiple people/a team?

Yes, actually this is the way we recommend you build your first application. In fact, there is no limitation to the number of people that can work on the same project. Here at Zero Code Solutions we specialise in building applications for customers using the WEM platform.  This way you get quick results and at the same time we train and up skill your staff through practical experience on the project.  Your staff can then build other applications using WEM with ease.  The owner of a project can invite as many people as needed to work on the same project, and give every person a specific role within the project.

So can Zero Code Solutions build an application for me?

Absolutely! We are an authorised partner of WEM that is specialized in building WEM applications.

With how many people can I work on the same project?

There is no limitation to the number of people that can work on the same project. The owner of a project can invite as many people as needed to work on the same project, and give every person a specific role within the project.

Are my applications still available if WEM no longer exists?

All our customers automatically enroll in a government backed escrow arrangement that guarantees the continuity of the WEM platform and your applications.  This guarantees that the continuations of the WEM platform.

Does WEM support single-signon?

Yes, WEM supports all relevant ways to implement single-signon. We support both the SAML as well as the OAuth protocol in order to realize single-signon functionality with existing systems. SAML for example supports Microsoft Active Directory, Google G Suite, Oracle, and many more. OAuth supports social systems such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Can you integrate with other systems?

Yes. WEM can integrate with a wide variety of systems. To do that, we support SOAP, REST and OData to integrate with external systems. We support the SAML and OAuth protocols in order to realize single-signon functionality with existing systems SAML supports e.g. Microsoft Active Directory, Google G Suite, Oracle, and many more. OAuth supports all social systems like Facebook, Twitter, linkedIn, etc.

Can I build an application that can be used by different departments that all require their own look & feel?

Yes, that is possible by using the concept of ‘portals’. A portal is an instance of an application that has its own look and feel and its own database and its own functionality if needed. Build your application only once, and then create a portal for each instance of the application. Every department can then have its own instance of the same applications. It works the same, but can have a different look & feel, and its own data.

Can I use or create my own look & feel?

Yes, you can. Every WEM application uses a master template that defines the look & feel of that application. You can use one of the templates that is available out-of-thebox, or a new master template is created that defines the look & feel you want.

Do you provide training services?

Yes, we offer several training courses and can also cater to your specific needs. Since the WEM Modeler is easy to learn, you can also follow the online tutorial and read the online documentation. That will help you to get started fast. And then sign up for a training course to cover more advanced topics.

Do I always get the latest WEM update?

Yes. WEM is delivered as an aPaaS (Application Platform as a Service) solution. That means that every new update (including new features) is automatically available to all WEM users when the update is released.

How do I install WEM?

You don’t. WEM is delivered as an aPaaS (Application Platform as a Service) solution. Therefore, you do not have to install anything. WEM is accessible through your browser and we take care of all the platform and software management. This way you can focus entirely on building and using your applications.

Can I import Excel/CSV files?

Yes. WEM offers the ability to import Excel or CSV files. You can also export data to Excel or CSV files.

Is it possible to send email from an application that is built with WEM?

Yes, that is possible. Within WEM modeler is an option to send email. You can control all relevant fields to send email: “To”, “From”, “Subject”, the message body, and many more, directly from your WEM application. So you have full control over the email message.

I want to build a feature to offer a flat file and extract the data into a database automatically. Is that possible with WEM?

Yes, you can use the expose webservice feature in WEM combined with import data node to do this.

I want to create a dashboard based on data in our ERP system. Is that possible with WEM?

Yes, WEM is highly suitable for retrieving external data through web services such as JSON and SOAP but also through OData, which you can use to create dashboards.

I want to build an application that can determine the location / location tracker?

WEM has a (Google) locator feature that is available as an advanced input widget.

Can you build self-learning systems with WEM (knowledge systems)?

With WEM you can build almost any application, including a self-learning system. For example: WEM uses Lucene – a text based retrieval API – to smart search and indexing content. Combine this with flow logic and you can create a self-learning system.

Can you build native mobile apps with WEM?

Yes, you can build native apps with WEM. You can develop your web application the same way in WEM as you usually do. After finishing and testing your application you can deploy it as an Android app to the Google Play store or as an iOS app to the Apple App Store.

Are applications built with WEM responsive?

Yes. The underlying technology for the frontend is bootstrap. This, together with specific WEM features ensures that your app is responsive and will offer the best possible experience on any device you want to use the application.

Can you integrate with Microsoft Outlook with WEM?

Yes, this is possible. There are several webservices available that allow you to integrate with Outlook. Using these webservices you can for example create new calendar items in an Outlook calendar using a WEM application. A number of other functions are also available.

Does WEM support multilingualism?

Yes, WEM uses a language dictionary which can support any language. Simply add your own application content to the dictionary. The WEM modeler can then be used to access the language dictionary to dynamically retrieve the content based on the user specified language.

Can I publish my application to a domain of my own?

Yes, you can publish your WEM application to a specific domain. Before you can use the staging environment (e.g. for acceptance testing) you need to specify the hostname that is used to access the project.
The same applies to the production environment: you need to specify the hostname that is used to access your project in the production environment.

Is it possible to use my own mailserver (use a non-WEM email address as sender)?

Yes, it is possible to use your own mailserver in WEM projects if you want to use a non-WEM email address as sender. There are 2 ways to implement this:

1. Using our default mail server. Note that our server must be authorized via an SPF record in DNS from your domain.

2. Another option is to directly use your own mail server. In WEM you can implement / manage the smtp settings on the workspace level. Note that you have to put our outbound IP address into the IP whitelist on your (customer) firewall.

Is there a Calendar function within WEM?

Yes, WEM has a Calendar Widget you can use in user interaction screens.

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