The trouble with application development without no code solutions is that it’s done by people who don’t know you.  Developers will spend weeks or months trying to understand your business needs and then try to translate that into what they think will help.  That’s a recipe for failed application development projects, dissatisfied users and breaks in process automation.

I prefer design by experts – by people who know what they are doing.

— Donald Norman, Scientist

Not everyone needs to be a mechanic

Every parent has heard that their children should learn to code in order to be successful in IT.  The problem with that is that not everyone who drives a car needs to be a mechanic.

As no code technology matures, it becomes more accessible

The Democratization Pyramid

As technology has advanced, so too has the scope of who can use it.  Technology is progressing so that developing applications is moving from the realm of the professional to the mainstream.  Thanks to no code solutions, we are fast approaching a future where people can leverage technology without being a technical expert.  As Jeff Atwood observed: “When I hear: ‘Everyone must learn to program’ what I hear is: we’re going back in time to a place where you have to be a programmer to do things on the computer.”

When I started working with computers, you needed to understand low level assembly languages.  Managing memory on my amazing 16K Sinclair Spectrum made my head ache as a 10-year-old and so it should.  Just like not everyone needs to know what a carburettor does, not everyone needs to be able to Peek and Poke their way to a successful application.

The development of higher level languages like BASIC, Pascal and today’s iterations like Python and Ruby means that developers today don’t have to worry about memory management.  The language takes care of most of that, and opened up the ability to program to more people.  It democratized programming a little bit.

Business problems in no code environments

The business experts you already have should be crating your applications with no code solutions

Developers vs Business Experts

What hasn’t changed is that most applications are developed in order to solve business problems. In a world where only developers can create applications that means weeks or months of requirements documentation and fact finding. A developer doesn’t understand your business so they need build that understanding before they start.  If there is a misunderstanding then rework is required.

What we should be doing is making technology available so that the business experts that are already in businesses around the world can solve problems through drag and drop interfaces without knowing any code.

That gives us two benefits:

  1. Quicker, more accurate application development
  2. More agile development: your business people can update an application as the environment changes without referring to developers.

The future of application development is here. Now.

Technology has advanced to a stage where no code solutions like WEM mean that everyone can develop applications for their business. We believe that the real business process experts are the people who do the jobs today.

If you’d like to discuss how no code can enable your business to finally see the process automation benefits you want, please feel free to contact us.

About Jamie

Jamie is Zero Code's principal consultant. He is passionate about working with clients to deliver big, fully implemented, sustainable results fast. In his role at Zero Code Solutions Jamie uses serverless, no code solutions to help deliver value through process automation, organisational change management and workforce education.