Accelerating Digital Transformation

Today, companies know that innovation is leading an age of disruption and no company is safe from emerging competitors.  With all this innovation, customers and employees have come to expect flawless web and mobile app experiences.  They are spoilt with a wealth of apps which solve almost any problem they have with insightful information and sleek user experiences anywhere, anytime.

This is why there is immense focus on digital transformation within organisations today. They are all mobilising to ensure their businesses survive waves of disruptions by providing customers and employees with what they have come to expect.

But digital transformation is hard and many organisations are struggling with longer than expected timelines to move their apps to the cloud.  Getting to the cloud means having to secure it first, keeping regulatory bodies happy and working with legacy IT departments which move safely and slowly.

Organisations have enormous lists of applications, and digital teams struggle to prioritise them and work out just how they should modernise them.  The sheer number of applications force most IT departments to lift and shift them to the cloud as there is just not enough time or money to re-write all their applications using traditional, or even agile development methodologies.  This, of course, negates a lot of the benefits which cloud can provide businesses as well as increasing the technical debt IT departments take on.  Do you really want to fall behind with your digital transformation in this disruptive era?

SaaS is not the answer for everyone

But what if there was an answer to all of this? Large organisations have known for years now that the easiest way to modernise an application is by moving to a SaaS platform.  Think of Salesforce and all the other business applications out there.  It makes sense, you migrate your data to a secure, agile, resilient and modern platform.  So, job done, right?  Well, maybe not. The problem with the SaaS platforms out there is that you need to shoehorn your business processes to how the SaaS vendor wants you to work.  They decide the workflows, they decide how they meet your business needs.  In practice, this means that most SaaS providers fall short of meeting your business needs and you end up changing your business processes and the way you interact with your apps to the way your SaaS provider says you should, and that is far from ideal.

Add No-code to SaaS and witness the magic!

This is where the WEM platform comes in.  Imagine you could have a SaaS platform that came with a software development portal.  Gartner calls this hpaPaaS (High productivity Application Platform as a Service).  Imagine this portal allowed you to build from simple to the most complex enterprise applications you can think of.  What if this platform allowed you to do this while costing you nothing.  And what if this development portal allowed you to build the applications without code, just visual flow charts and a fully functional database model.  Working closely with the business you can build applications in a matter of weeks without having to pay for the platform until you publish them to the internet.  You can even easily integrate to all your enterprise systems!

Of course, this all sounds too good to be true, so here at Zero Code Solutions we believe in showing you the magic with our demo sessions.  If you’re wondering how to get the best of both worlds, the simplicity of a SaaS platform that you can move to in weeks and a custom application flow that caters exactly to your business needs, then attend or book one of our demos!

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Jamie is Zero Code's principal consultant. He is passionate about working with clients to deliver big, fully implemented, sustainable results fast. In his role at Zero Code Solutions Jamie uses serverless, no code solutions to help deliver value through process automation, organisational change management and workforce education.