The Beginners Guide to Building Your Mobile App

You have an idea for a killer app, and you can’t put it to rest until you’ve built it. But you don’t know the first thing about programming and have no idea how to get started.  This guide is for you!


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We wrote this eBook to help early stage startup founders and people who have the next big idea to work out what to do to build their app.

Jamie Fairweather - Co-Founder, Zero Code Solutions

Here's What You'll Learn

Before You Start

Don't get lost, follow our advice to help you to decide what to build and how you will earn from it.  Learn about LEAN Startup canvas and other ideas for building your business.

Choose Your Platform

We help you to choose which App Development Platform you will build your app on.  Covering low-code, native apps, web apps and hybrid apps.

Who Wil Build Your App

We take you through the pros and cons of who should build your app.  Should you learn it yourself, use an agency or hire a freelancer?

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