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Rapid Application Development with Low Code

Find out how Zero Code provides everything your team needs to build enterprise cloud applications fast.

Accelerate your Digital Transformation

Use Low-code rapid application development to help you race through your backlog.  Enable teams to spend more time on improving the quality of their applications instead of being buried in technical complexity. Increase the value you provide to the business.

Supercharge your Agency with Low-Code!

Race through your backlogs by building Apps 10 times faster! Reduce the complexity of building apps with our Low-Code platform and improve your bottom line by developing apps 80% cheaper.

Train your team on Low-Code!

Take advantage of the Low-Code revolution and start training your teams now.  We can provide introductory or in-depth training to help you become an expert!

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What is Zero Code Solutions?

We are an agency focused on helping you to get the most out of your IT investments.  We aim to make all businesses digital.

Our obsession is low code solutions.  We use our low-code platform to enable anyone to develop applications with a simple workflow interface.  No technical knowledge required.

We also partner with many agencies to help them build better applications quicker and cheaper through white labeling partner solutions.

Training session

1. Business Goals

What are you trying to achieve?

We Can Help

Our consultants can help you to identify the business pain points that are the key to unlocking your digital business.

2. Build Your App

How can you make the right application?

We Can Help

We can either supplement your existing business or development team or you can rely on us to build your application for you.

3. Roll Out Your App

How can you realize the value?

We Can Help

Our consultants can help you either by supplementing your existing team or you can leave it all to us.

A Recognised Industry Leader


With no-code, engineering and coding are put into the background, while enterprise acumen and the ability to capture automation in the most intimate and timely fashion come to the fore.

What can you build with Zero Code and our Low Code Platform?

You will be amazed at the applications we can build with our low-code platform.  We have built applications like CRM, Asset and Job Management, Travel Expenses, Employee On-boarding, Ticket Management,  Health & Safety, HR audits and questionnaires, Employee self service, Time Management & Rostering, Workflow approvals, Contract generation, Employee and Customer survey, Proposal Management and many more...

Employee On-boarding
Travel Approval & Expenses
Job and Asset Management
Business CRM

Who is using our Platform?

Flight Charter

Organising a charter flight can be a time consuming and complex task. There are so many potential operators to choose from and so many details to consider! How do you make a good decision without it taking forever? Your Flight Manager at has access to reliable and professional aircraft operators across the country with…

Surrey Park Swimming

Surrey Park Swimming Club was established in 1904 and is one of the oldest still active swimming clubs in Victoria. The Club has been part of the sporting life of the Box Hill area since that time. In 1905 the Box Hill Council resolved to spend up to £3,000 to buy reserves for Box Hill’s…

Gilat Satellite Networks

Gilat Satellite Networks is a leading global provider of satellite-based broadband communications. With 30 years of experience, Gilat design and manufacture cutting-edge ground segment equipment, and provide comprehensive solutions and end-to-end services, powered by their innovative technology. Gilat’s integrated VSAT systems are built to enable customers to exploit the full potential of high throughput satellites…


Henk Vlug isn’t only the owner of Fortrus, he’s also a true entrepreneur: a man with a hands-on mentality and an innovative mind. Henk is also conscientious of the consequences of his decisions: “I only make sustainable decisions with a long-term vision in mind.” This was also the case when deciding to cooperate with WEM…


Nowadays in customer service, answers to your questions are given almost instantly. Making a quick call, writing an e-mail or asking your question via chat on the website — your answer will be provided in no time. This doesn’t happen through magic. There is an intricate system supporting it, and that system was developed for…

Alpe d-HuZes

During the yearly event of Alpe d’HuZes, thousands of people run, hike or cycle up the mountain Alpe d’Hues in France – all for a good cause. “Giving up is no option,” is the motto under which Alpe d’Huzes raises money for the fight against cancer. About 5,400 participants and another 3,000 volunteers joined the…


Data management plays a major role in recent developments in the health care sector. Perined is one of the leading companies in health care data management. By managing data registrations, the company contributes to improving the quality of birth care in the Netherlands. Perined built a new application in WEM to apply data in an…


Law firm HVG makes smart use of new technology. The organization recently developed the ‘HVG Governance Zorgscan’ (in English, ‘HVG Governance Health Care Scan’). It’s a quick-scan, built in WEM, mapping the situation of healthcare institutions with regard to their governance. This tool keeps HVG in close contact with the target group and provides valuable…


‘With a solid basis we’re able to continuously develop.’ This was the approach for the platform that Madelon Eelderink defined for her organization. Madelon is not only a researcher, but also an entrepreneur. She started 7Senses in 2013, an organization that enables participatory action research in developing countries. The organization was growing fast, and the…


Access to specific information and work processes is critical for professionals in the social sector. To give the right advice, proper knowledge is necessary. Divosa, an association of executives in the social domain, and recognized this importance and developed two tools to improve their support for professionals. Using WEM, they created a knowledge base, in…

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